“Ikebana can be done anywhere by anyone. There are no national or ethnic boundaries. Like flowing water or drifting clouds, Ikebana spreads throughout the world…”

— The Book of Flowers by Sofu Teshigahara

What is Sogetsu Ikebana?

It is not just flowers in a vase – Sogetsu Ikebana is contemporary Japanese flower arranging taking freshly picked plant materials, at times combined with other materials, which are together arranged in harmony and balance to display the natural beauty of the items used.

Learn from Sandy

Do you want to do something bit different in this, at times, frantic world? – Come and explore the magic of arranging your specially selected plant material or just have fun arranging basic material harvested from nature’s own beauty.

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Classes & Workshops

Attending a demonstration will introduce you to a new world that helps you see what Ikebana work entails. Try a full day workshop to experience this first hand. A block of lessons will take you further into your untapped inner artistic self.

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