I have had the opportunity to experience several art disciplines each offering a unique format to express my fascination with nature’s inherent beauty. I cannot say which is my favorite because each has an essence of its own and each complements the other.

Sogetsu Ikebana

Ikebana has always held a special interest and while living in Hong Kong; I pursed an opportunity to learn from a Sogetsu master. Upon my return to Sydney, I began to study under the direction of Seiseki Umemura. I am currently a Sanyo Teacher and working towards the next level. Ikebana has provided me with the opportunity to exhibit at Open Gardens, city galleries, historic homes etc.

I served as the NSW Director of The Australian Sogetsu Teachers’ Association NSW Inc for two and half years where I encouraged the Association to move into the era of new technology via the Internet as a method drawing awareness to Sogetsu Ikebana. I continue to manage the NSW Sogetsu website for all to enjoy.

My experience as the fifth recipient of the Norman and Mary Sparnon scholarship to study for three months at the Sogetsu Kaikan, Tokyo spurred me on to strive to higher levels not only for myself but to share my knowledge with my students.

My students numbers continue to grow, now teaching two full days and 2 half days plus, doing presentations to groups and clubs while exhibiting as often as I can in order to promote the art of Sogetsu


This discipline developed from both Object Design but mainly from the passion to create individual containers for Sogetsu ikebana. The journey took me in different directions, which even today holds a great interest.

Jewellery and Object Design

In 2006, I completed 3 years full time ‘Advanced Jewellery and Object Design’ at Enmore Design Centre. Many of my major works were influenced by the concepts and essence of Sogetsu Ikebana.

In early 2007 I held my first solo exhibition ‘Shadows’, all the works were inspired by the shadows created around living plants and flowers and the positive/negative elements of Sogetsu. In January of 2008, I was awarded a 1st place in an International Exhibition held in Adelaide and titled ‘Graduate Metal XI – Emerging Ideas in Jewellery and Objects’. My winning work was a set of hand forged and shaped sterling silver spoons. The work was originally inspired by an Ikebana concept of – Japanese Water Iris leaves blowing in the wind.

Painting and fibre art are also part of my repertoire when time allows.


2017 Jonin Sumo (top level of level two) Sogetsu Ikebana Teaching Certificate – Japan
2010 Ceramics Certificate IV – Sydney
2006 Advance Diploma Jewellery and Object Design – Sydney
1995 Diploma in Commercial Needlecraft


2017 Sogetsu 5th Facebook completion merit award
2015 Recipient of the 5th Norman and Mary Scholarship to study Sogetsu in Japan for 3 months
2009 Highly Recommended Merit, Ceramics- Sydney
2008 1st Place Graduate Metal XI International, Adelaide


2019 Sogetsu 100th Exhibition Tokyo
2017/2018 Royal Botanic Garden and Camellia Research Society, Sydney
2016 Buddhist Calligraphy Conference Sydney
2016 Royal Botanic Garden and Eryldene Historic House and Garden Sydney
2016 Camellia Research Society Royal Sydney
2015 The Sogetsu 50th Anniversary Exhibition New Delhi India
2015 Sogetsu Spring Exhibition Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan
2014 Sogetsu Ikebana – 96th Sogetsu Annual Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
2014 Royal Botanic Garden, Eryldene Historic House and Garden, Sydney
2013 Sogetsu Ikebana- Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, Eryldene Historic House and Garden
2012 Sogetsu Ikebana – Gymea Gallery, Eryldene Historic House and Garden, Camellia Research Society
2012 Silver Jewellery – Studio 2017
2011 Ceramic installation – Rookwood Sculptural Walk
2010–11 Sogetsu Exhibitions – Sydney
2008–10 Ceramics – Hornsby
2010 Ikebana – Wesley Centre, Sogetsu Conference
2009 Ceramic and Ikebana –Buddhist Conference Sydney
2008 Sculptural Objects – Studio 2017
2008 Silver objects – Adelaide – International Exhibition
2007 Sculptural Objects – Solo exhibition Castlecrag
2004–06 Jewellery and Objects, The Muse and Dank Street


2015 Poetic Ikebana, printed by Stichting Kunstboek, Belgium
2014 Whispering Flowers Ikebana, printed by Stichting Kunstboek, Belgium