#45 from the 50 Principles of Sogetsu

I selected to execute #45 ‘If the flowers are the main feature, the container should be subordinate to the flowers. Likewise, if the container is the focus, then the flowers should be secondary to it’.

I interpreted this Principle, using a beaten metal container with an interesting surface and I noticed that the Ayesha Hydrangea macrophylla (Cupped Flowers) were are perfect ‘partner’ to mirror the surface. Each petal is about the size of the beaten dents plus the variation of dark and light through both items creates a form of movement.

Originally, I had the flower placed further out of the container but inserting it further creates an element of surprize and wonder. Note I have left part of the mouth open to allow the arrangement to breathe and if you are curious enough you will see the water is up to the maximum height.