Arranging Vines

The word vine comes from the Latin word ‘vinea’ so we tend to think of grape vines. Actually a vine is any climbing or trailing woody-stemmed plant such as wisteria, kiwi fruit vine etc.

If unsure of how to arrange material when creating Sogetsu Ikebana I find a good rule is to study how the material grows in nature. Vines may be a little harder to decipher because their character is to grow at all angles, twisting and weaving trying to support its self.

When I started learning Sogetsu vine arrangements were created in Nageire containers. This thought/practice has changed because it you look at a vine in its natural it often grows horizontally allowing it to be e arranged in Morabana containers.

When arranging vines, remember to capture the flowing characteristic movement of the vine and include a focal point to anchor the arrangement

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