I am always ‘up’ for a good challenge. If it seems to be impossible, it’s like a ‘red rag to a bull’ and I must try to prove it can be done. This tenacious attitude has got me into strife a few times but has also given great results.

For example, the arrangement below, I wantedt to display the beauty of the Bittersweet branches. How was I to lift the material away from the container yet incorporate the container? Drawing on my knowledge of various fixing methods I settled for a single cross bar, which was a challenge to get into the tiny opening. The next step was to ensure the base of the branch was cut very straight as it was to sit on the bottom of the container. I then split the branch to straddle the cross bar. Because the depth was quite shallow, I wired the intersection to ensure the branch would remain in place because it was top heavy. A second branch is supported over the cross bar. Neither branch is touching the mouth of the container.

I was delighted with the result, so my tenacious attitude paid off this time.

I have mentioned previously be very careful with lighting to avoid shadows doubling up on the lines. It was unavoidable in this image