Complementing and Artwork

I find this theme inspiring in the sense one has to research a favourite artist and their work to start your own process of creating an arrangement.

So many wonderful artists to select from, so where does one start? As you may have realised reading my Blogs over the years I love architectural designs, no fuss and strong powerful work. That doesn’t mean I always achieve my goals.

For this theme I selected Jeffery Smart (AO) an Australian painter known for his precisionist depictions of urban landscapes. The particular work I selected is named ‘Holiday’ – not really a place an Australian would call a holiday destination, but the name of the painting does not say where the tower of units with jutting balconies is situated.

I particularly like the prospective aspect of the balconies fading into the distance. To execute this work I cut Gymea lily leaves and placed a bronze coloured Cordyline behind to emulate the tan colours in the artwork. Small clusters of Ageratum flowers pick up the blues in the art. To gain even a greater feeling of fading into the distance the arrangement consists of three different sized leaves in glass containers get smaller as they are positioned future back.