Arranging or executing any for of art work starts with a concept.

Earth is one of the five Buddhist elements, which is today’s theme. How do you depict ‘earth’, this is where the artist draws/resorts to a concept of how to depict the theme. It this case maybe your idea/concept is to execute an arrangement to resemble the planet earth, selecting a round container and using the colours of our planet as seen from space. Or do you use the soil in which plant life is sustained, etc.

For someone who loves their feet firmly planted on the ground or better still with my hands in the soil gardening encouraging new and exciting plant life. I chose to use a container that looks remarkably like a huge clump with Mushrooms emerging from the top.

I enjoy pushing what some people would call crazy ideas but this is how you discover new properties of the material and trying to come up with something no one else has done.