Expressing Coolness (Warmth)

The theme for my lesson in Japan was ‘Expressing Coolness’ but then my Sensei realized I was in southern hemisphere hence in the middle of winter so needed to do something to feel warm.

My inspiration came from the pile of kindling I had collected to start the log fire for the evening. The textures and ‘crazy’ random angles of the collected twigs was perfect starting point.

Placing the twigs on a large orange flattish container I then set about trying to emulate fire. Dark red roses and Clivia berries for the flame and yellow Chrysanthemums tucked under to feel like the hot embers in the fire grate.

I enjoyed creating this work because the feeling came so naturally. Later that evening I did appreciate sitting by the log fire to feel warm and cosy. The arrangement is displayed on the dinning table creating a warming ambiance while eating.