Glass Containers


We all have glass containers and we want to use them, so how do we tackle this challenge of making an exciting arrangement – not just flowers in a glass vase.

The use of kenzans in glass is a big ‘no no’ so here lays the challenge of fixing material in position. It all gets back to knowing your material and its properties

We use glass containers to emphasis the beauty of the material we are working with plus the strength of water and its splendour. With this in mind there are several rules we should take note

  1. Select material that is will not rot, seep colour or go soggy because it will be on display
  2. Consider where the material rests – does it touch the bottom or sides, are the ends of the material cut to emphasis the ends?
  3. Round containers refract the material better than square vessels so this is going to alter your design.
  4. What is the level of the water? One rule to abide by is the same as in photography the water level should never be exactly mid way (horizons should never be in the centre of your photograph) – it cuts the work in half. Should the level of the water be low about in the first third, top third or up to the meniscus level

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