Kinetic arrangements

If you are totally in-touch with nature, there are a few aspects we take for granted and one of them is the movement of the material. Yes, plants are anchor to the spot, but the branches, leaves and flowers move in the wind, when rain falls or even when a small bird lands on the plant.

Floral arrangements are always static! Can this status quo be altered? Why not, but how do you go about creating a Kinetic arrangement. Firstly – research what Kinetics means and review some kinetic sculptures to stimulate ideas. The next challenge is designing the mechanics, the placement, etc. Another aspect you must not forget if there is to be a water supply for fresh floral material – is this part of the design or should it be hidden. The questions are endless

Once you have everything in order the arrangement should be executed ‘in situ’, especially if it is a mobile style arrangement as seen in my work below.

Spend some time to think laterally and maybe bring ikebana closer to nature