Lines and Space

Line is one of the elements of Sogetsu Ikebana (along with Mass and colour). If you have been following the development of my ikebana, you may realise ‘Line’ is my favorite element.

Space or as the Japanese call it – ‘Ma’, is so important in any form of Ikebana. Taking it a step further: – Buddhism, states that “form is emptiness, emptiness is form”. This seeming paradox is a core philosophy of Japanese design and culture, where absence can be as important as presence. This principle can be summed up in the concept of “ma”, which roughly translates to “negative space”, but evokes a deeper sense of a “gap” or “pause” that gives new shape and meaning to the whole. Another one of my favourite aspects of ikebana, the beauty of space.

Why straight lines – when I was arranging this work it was still is extremely hot and I see straight lines as cooling a feature whereas curved lines create the feeling of warmth and closeness. Also, the straight lines of the reeds mirror the stainless-steel tubular container made by Alexander Evans.

Line and Space