One Kind of Material Only

There is a plethora of material right at our fingertips, but we need to stop and ‘see what we are looking at’ to discover just more than what we see on first impression.

This theme encourages us to look closely, not just at the flower but maybe the leaves, the stem or even the roots to discover the interesting shapes, textures, colours etc. From this we can then decide what we want to show and how engage the viewer in our work.

Because we are working with ‘undiscovered’ materials your idea may not always come to fruition but keep trying and this often results in new and exciting discoveries.

I picked a large Papyrus head then was flummoxed as what to do with it. Cutting the feathery bits off leaving a spiky section, I then massed these pieces in bunches. Wiring the bunches to the outside of the ‘spiky’ head then level the base so it would sit upright. Placing it in a glass bowl with orange swirls emphasised my intension.