Time for Fun festive Arrangements

Ikebana allows us to ‘play’ and feel free with ideas not only for our own pleasure but for those who have the pleasure of seeing them.

I always enjoy the freedom of arranging and these patterns/designs are driven by the colour, form, textures etc. of the material. Sometime a little unconventional material is added.

In the work below my ‘Christmas Tree’ is constructed of bamboo for the horizontal and vertical sections. The star is the finer bamboo side branches with the joints on the out edge. Origami papers add colour to some ends while Origami Cranes perch throughout the ‘tree’

The other two arrangements are designed to be viewed 360 degrees as well as from above.

All the material in these arrangements is from my own garden. If you do not have ‘festive’ style flowers in your garden, why not resort to adding some unconventional material to turn your work into something special

Bamboo Christmas Tree with Origami Cranes

Table arrangement with whit Agapanthus and red Kangaroo Paw

Small arrangement with painted Eucalyptus seed pods and Holly