Using a stunning stainless steel container

During my brief visit to Tokyo I had the pleasure of attending two lessons with Fukushima sensei in her Meguro atelier. Admiring the container she designed, made of stainless steel I asked to see how it was constructed. It is not always wise to comment at the being of the lesson because Sensei asked me to do an arrangement in it, oh dear, I often speak before considering the outcome.

Thinking on my feet and not wanting to create something inferior in such a great container, the challenge was on! Due to the size of the container, it needed strong material and noticing two huge age branches tucked away I asked if I may use them. With careful balancing and one small wire to really secure the two branches in place, my next challenge was to source fresh material with body and strength. Selecting a bunch of Red Amaranth (Amaranthus cruentus ‘Velvet Curtains’) but it still needed some green and a few highlight points. To complete the work White Hypericum berries did the trick.

I was delighted with the result and felt I had honored Sensei’s container