Wagga Wagga Workshop Experience

I had the pleasure of being invited to the Wagga Wagga Art gallery to conduct an all day Sogetsu workshop. There, I was greeted by a small but extremely enthusiastic group of attendees.

The attendees quickly grasped the instructions without much hesitation, maybe because they were experience Bonsai artists, grew stunning gardens or just shared enthusiasm for the elegance of ikebana and wanted to learn more.

I particularly noted one participant Barbara, who worked quietly without fault or deviation from my instructions. Then to my surprise she produced a file of old newspaper cuttings. One cutting was announcing ‘Six Ikebana teaching diplomas’ being presented by Mr. Norman Sparnon. Barbara then produced more old cuttings from her file that included Sogetsu certificates signed by Sofu Teshigahara. Barbara was also able to produce an old receipt for one of her earlier certificates; it was for just $24.

The workshop was wonderful fun, which made even more so with the thought of following in Norman Sparnon’s footprints to teach Sogetsu so many years later.