Without a Kenzan

This is one of my favorite themes for several reasons, why I am not so sure. Possibly because I like the challenge or the lightness almost levitating effort it creates.

In today’s arrangement I have used just Kangaroo Paw, which usually is a great material to use when executing this theme. If you study Kangaroo Paw flowers closely you will see the branches are slightly furry which in turn behave like very weak Velcro, gripping thus holding it in place. The flowers also consist of many side branches that can interlock. Another reason why it is excellent material is that the material is very light weight.

The one challenge I had here was because the stems are very long, and the leaves are near the base of the plant it was difficult to add the leaves. To overcome this, I wired the leaves to the base of the shortened stems to create a natural appearance.

A self-critique of this work would either have less material or a larger container, so the work did not so crowd.