ZOOM - sharing of ideas

My second ZOOM meeting with my students was another success plus it bought lots of different interpretations of ‘Anything from the Kitchen’ theme.

You may well ask why I set such ‘crazy’ themes – it is because I feel one can get trapped in a ‘rut’ finding it hard to progress to the next level of accomplishment. I see several reasons as to why it is hard to progress : – enjoyment of working in their comfort zone, fear of failure – not be able to achieve their idea/design, failure in the eyes of others or just not knowing how to progress to the next level and how to get there.

In ‘crazy’ exercises such as these, students can ‘play’ with material without judgement, there is no right or wrong of what they have done. Plus we can all including me, be introduced to new ideas by the other students who are all in the same quandary as what to do (me included!).

It amazes me how people see things in a different light, importance, form, colour etc, this is what makes art so interesting.

Enforcement isolation can have strange effects and I think when I was designing this all I could think of ‘can’t wait to burst out of here!’

Always up for a challenge I wondered how I could work forks and bamboo together. Making slits to insert the forks was an effort in itself but rewarding when I managed to make the hole and the forks are held in position by tension

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